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HL Bourgeois High School
HLB Braves
Class of 1975
Gray, Louisiana


  Graduates Photos from 1975 Year Book
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Melissa Crochet
Virginia Cross
Donald Daigle
Judith Daigle
John Davis
Nancy Delaune
Jerry Denton Jr.
Diane Domangue
Jody Domangue
Penny Domangue
Renee Domangue
Diane Donner
Vernal Dryden
Penny Dubois
Anthony Dugos
Brad Duplantis
Daniel Duplantis
Kelly Fabrizius Duplantis
Lisa Duplantis
Melinda Duplantis
Lisa Dupont
Irma Dupre
Judy Dupre
Julie Dupre
Dianne Cahee Ellis

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