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KJIN AM 1490 Radio

KJIN 1490 Radio Request
Houma, Louisiana

Guy Fanguy
many voices:

Los Cochinos
Professor Shema
Alvin Domainge
Wayne Codraige from Cocodrie, La
Wolfman John

Guy Fanguy called the radio station KJIN in Houma, La. in 1974 - 1975. Guy used different voices with different characters and became good friends with the DJ Wayne Codraige. 
The audio files below are these calls to the radio station KJIN.


    Audio Files  
  1 Introduction   0.59 MB     MP3 File
  2 Radio_Request_000_1974   21.77 MB     MP3 File
  3 Radio_Request_001_1974   9.87 MB     MP3 File
  4 Radio_Request_002_1974   7.58 MB     MP3 File
  5 Radio_Request_003_1974   7.42 MB     MP3 File
  6 Radio_Request_004_1974   3 MB     MP3 File
  7 Radio_Request_005_1974   9.3 MB     MP3 File
  8 Radio_Request_006_1974   12.02 MB     MP3 File
  9 Radio_Request_007_1974   4.33 MB     MP3 File
  10 Radio_Request_008_1974   7.92 MB     MP3 File



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